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Why try Mossberg's 715T?; Don't fall for 'fast-food training'

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In this month's eNews, Ron Avery cautions that real-world firearms training can be supplemented — not replaced — by watching videos and reading firearms forums on our computers.

We look at the AR system from two different perspectives. Lindsey Bertomen reviews the Mossberg 715T, a sub-caliber trainer with a lot of potential for law enforcement, while Andrew Butts takes a close look at the 300 AAC Blackout, which can only be best described as if the .223 Remington and the 7.62x39 had a baby.

Lastly, Dan Marcou shares some excellent tips about keeping your concealed weapons clean and ready to go at a moment's notice.

The PoliceOne Team
Firearms Training
Shooting skills and the seductress of 'fast-food training'
By Ron Avery, PoliceOne Columnist
The Internet can be a great resource from which you may gain knowledge, but you cannot replace top-quality real-world firearms training. "The way is in the training"
Firearms Review
The Mossberg 715T is a Plinkster in a sheepdog's clothing
By Lindsey Bertomen, PoliceOne Columnist
This is the kind of rifle that can provide for a very productive afternoon at the range and has the potential to be a serious LE training tool. A word of caution
Ammo Can
If the .223 Remington and the 7.62x39 had a baby
By Andrew Butts, PoliceOne Contributor
The 300 AAC Blackout uses a .308" diameter bullet and can be loaded with a great variety of projectiles. An outstanding choice
Tactical Tip
Maintaining your back-up gun
Whether your assignment is plain clothes or uniform, most law enforcement officers find themselves carrying a concealed firearm at some time or another. As a firearm instructor I have noticed two things.

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