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100% Electric Zero DS Police Motorcycle

Zero Motorcycles 100% Electric
Police Fleet Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles offers 100% electric police and security motorcycles with customizable options to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of patrol applications. The motorcycles feature instant torque from 0 rpm with top speeds of over 95 mph. In addition, with a fuel cost of around a penny per mile and no routine powertrain maintenance, the lineup offers both an exceptionally low cost of operation and projects a positive message around sustainability.

The electric powertrain also helps open up new patrolling opportunities. With no gears, clutch or noise, officers can focus on patrolling. They can perform highly technical maneuvers during intense situations where performance and agility are essential. While in crowds or indoors, the absence of exhaust eliminates ventilation concerns and opens up new, or improves current, patrolling scenarios.

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Hong Kong and Colombia
Police Go Electric

Zero Motorcycles 100% Electric Motorcycles were recently added to motorcycle patrol fleets by both Hong Kong and Colombia police departments.

Colombian Police Riding Zeros

Grants Available - May cover up to 100% of purchase price

To learn more about Zero Motorcycles Fleet products visit this page. Zero Motorcycles police and security models may be applicable for grants in your area that cover up to 100% of the purchase price. To learn more, visit our grants assistance page.

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