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Taking some of the sting out of police work

Electroshock devices like Tasers have saved officer and suspect lives by successfully incapacitating dangerous people in a fashion that helps avoid the need for deadly force.

But like any weapon, there is a danger of combative suspects disarming an officer and using it against him.

To combat this critical officer safety issue, Point Blank Solutions and G2 Consulting have introduced the ThorShield body armor liner ... Full Story

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Share Program Ideas and Grant Funding Tips

Interact with your peers on a national level on the policegrantshelp.com forum. Law enforcement officials can share ideas and discuss issues about public safety projects, grant writing, and program successes here. This resource is free and offers invaluable knowledge and insights that can directly affect your community.

Visit http://community.policeone.com for more information.

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Technology in the News

Fla. police using cutting-edge cameras

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — You aren't meant to notice them. It's the fire hydrant down the block. It's the exit sign in your apartment building. It could be the piece of metal underneath your car.

They are cameras, recorders and trackers — all ways law officers are keeping tabs on suspects during investigations.

Advances in communication, surveillance and tracking handed down by the military over the past decade have investigators operating at a higher level of sophistication than ever ... Full Story

Also in the News:

Dallas to pay $14M to overhaul dispatch system

Calif. dept. getting in-car cameras

Miami police may get hovering drones

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The Decatur Shadow 800 digital video

• High resolution digital video evidence
• Industry leading 2.4 GHz audio with 1,000 foot range
• Easy to use in the car and office
• Lowest priced true digital video on the market
• Mpeg 4 recording resolution
• Multiple mounting and viewing applications

Call (800) 428-4315 or visit www.decaturradar.com.

PoliceOne Technology Tips

Give yourself 'second skin'
Back up flashlights

Sometimes, the best "technology" to help you in the field doesn't have to be the latest.

Lt. Cary offers situations where seemingly simple leather gloves can save your bacon ... Read tip

Read all PoliceOne Officer Safety tips

Many officers think about backup weapons, but how about backup flashlights?

Officer Carlsen reminds you how important an extra flashlight can be and gives a few tips on what to look for in a backup ... Read tip

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Press Releases

Spillman Helps County Jail Retrieve Data, Manage Growth
[Spillman Technologies, Inc.]
Strix Systems ACCESS/ONE WIFI Mesh Deployed For City Of Pittsburg, California Public Safety Video Surveillance Network
[Strix Systems]

Digital Ally Sold Record Number of DVM-500 In-Car Video Mirror Systems to Law Enforcement Agencies In Last Quarter
[Digital Ally, Inc.]

General Dynamics Itronix Expands Channel Partner Program to Deliver Best-in-Class Rugged Mobile Computing Product Solutions and Services
[General Dynamics Itronix]

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