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— Scott Buhrmaster, Managing Editor

Understanding the National Data Exchange (N-DEx) System

With over 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States, information sharing has become a critical component
in public safety.

Although the technology is there, the structure and process required to "make it happen" has yielded limited results. The 9/11 Commission report stated, "The biggest impediment to connecting the dots is the human or systemic resistance to sharing information" ... Full Story

Sponsored by Advanced Public Safety

APS’ Voice Response lets officers hear back vital data in seconds. Enter the license plate into the laptop and a clear human voice reads back the results. The voice reads only the most important results from NCIC and state/local databases. No hardware required and no need to replace any existing technology. 

Five steps to selecting the best thermal imagers
for your agency

As law enforcement agencies adopt thermal imaging technology, agency decision makers are faced with the challenge of selecting the right product and accessories to meet their specific needs. Evaluators must select among several technologies, a great number of product features, a range of accessories, and a wide variety of service and support offerings.

Step One: Team Up and Learn ... Full Article

Technology in the News

LAPD cites dire need for new radios

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Police Department has long prided itself on its cutting-edge technology.

But when it comes to the hand-held radios that beat cops use each day to communicate, the department is stuck in the past, according to a report presented to the Police Commission ... Full Article

Also in the News:
In search for Fla. woman, satellite blazed trail

Scanner speeds up background checks in Tenn.

The all-seeing infrared eye; License plate cam a hit in N.Y.

Penn. city leery of gunfire sensors

Sponsored by Cisco Systems

Cisco has collaborated with EADS and Raytheon JPS to provide a technology demonstration of public safety Project 25 Inter Sub-System Interface plus IP Interoperability, provided by Cisco IPICS.  This demonstration showcases how users can communicate securely in talk groups and with other authorized voice devices, achieving a powerful, cost-effective and flexible system that increases overall public safety communications reliability and interoperability. 

PoliceOne Technology Tips

Transfer digital data
between departments
Check MySpace.com for intel

Sharing data is an important part of law enforcement, but some departments may not be as technologically savvy as others.

A P1 members shares a free program that makes sharing photos easier ... Read tip

Read all PoliceOne Officer Safety tips

Some officers may think MySpace.com is only used for gossip or complaints about school.

A P1 member says that the site can be used for for valuable information about sexual predators, gang activity and more ... Read tip

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Press Releases

Panasonic and Verizon Wireless Announce Certification of Toughbook 52 Semi-Rugged Mobile PC with Broadband Access Built-in
[Panasonic Computer Solutions, Co.]

Trijicon® Extends Tactical Optics with New NightVision System


Orchid Cellmark's Forensics DNA Testing Services Aid in Exoneration of Man Wrongfully Convicted
[Orchid Cellmark]

Tait Radio Communications to Offer EADS Trunked P25 Network Solutions
[Tait Radio Communications]

Featured Deal

Free Tactical Beacon from N-Vision Optics
with a purchase of any Gen 3 unit

From N-Vision Optics

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