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Fusion Centers: A New Tool for Street Cops
Television often depicts solving crime as a simple process of collecting clues, entering information in a computer, and arresting the bad guy. Unfortunately, real cops know access to information is not that simple.

This could all change with the help of a new tool available to street cops in almost every state ... Full Story

Sponsored by Communications-Applied Technology
ICRI- Incident Commanders' Radio Interface
The ICRI 2P-E (2 Port – Environmental) is a lightweight, portable repeater that enhances emergency responders' command & control communications in buildings, below grade, and other non-line-of-sight emergency situations.  The 2P-E also 'bridges' any two incompatible radio, cell, satellite, and landline phones, providing interoperability.

Will 2008 be the year LE embraces technology?
Looking back on the past 15 years, I'd like to say that I've seen the same monumental changes in law enforcement and emergency response that I've seen in the world of technology. Unfortunately, the pubic safety profession tends to be reactive rather than proactive when it comes to embracing technology.

There are many new ideas, concepts and gadgets currently on the market that can change the way we police work is done. But, we like to do what we have always done. Change is painful ... Full Story

Technology in the News

Rash of ID thefts overwhelms Calif. police

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. — Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the country, with 8.3 million Americans victimized in 2005, according to a survey released this week by the Federal Trade Commission.

As technology has advanced, so has the criminal element, capable of stealing financial information with a touch of a hand ... Full Story

Also in the News:
Tex. officers chasing information through high-speed networks

LAPD scoots into the future

Colo. police required to preserve biological evidence

GPS helps crack case in killing, LAPD says

Police testing handheld meth detectors

Sponsored by Digital Ally, Inc.
Digital Ally—A New Generation of Digital Video
Technology that is so advanced and so small that the entire Digital Video System is integrated into a Rearview Mirror complete with:

• Covert Rear Seat Camera
• 3.5" Color Monitor
• 900 MHz Audio Transceiver
• Internal Microphone
• Speaker

PoliceOne Technology Tips
Mug shots made easy Cell phone data mining

Given how many mug shots police take, this process needs to be as streamlined as possible.

Here, a P1 member recommends a system to help you organize both mugs and master files ... Read tip

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Cell phone seizures are a great way to gather intel. Data may be retained on the telephone itself, in removable media, or at the service provider.

When seizing cell phones, keep the following things in mind ... Read tip

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