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P1 Exclusive
Myriad factors make a simulator feel realistic.
(Photo courtesy of DriveSafety)
Understanding simulated vehicle dynamics
Mention “applied physics” in an academy classroom and watch the eyes glaze, the angst build, and the room empty.

Mention “high performance driving” and you get wrapped attention. So what’s the difference, other than the name and associated discomfort that the word physics can create? The practitioners of this science are ... Full Story

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P1 Technology Helpdesk
One for the thumb (drive)
Once you decide to buy a Thumb Drive, it is important to decide how much space and portability you need. Think about how much information you want to carry with you. No matter how big or small your information storage needs are, there is an appropriately sized thumb drive. There many variations of size, from 64 Megabytes to several Gigabytes ... Full Story

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Technology in the News
Ga. PD purchases robot with DHS grant

Gwinnett County (Ga.) PD got a Remotec ANDROS F6A with a $182K DHS grant.
(Photo by Northrop Grumman)

ATLANTA — One of the newest weapons in the Gwinnett police arsenal is its robot, a metal marvel capable of climbing stairs, dragging a person, disarming a bomb, testing for chemical agents and photographing a crime scene ... Full Story

Also in the News:

NPSTC to FCC: Drop wireless mics from 700MHz

Boy tracks speeders with toy radar gun

July a test for Minn. 911 call center changes

DNA technology clears JonBenet's family

Cops want to fight crime with texts

9/11 canine hero to be cloned

$3.6M in E-911 grants awarded to Kan. agencies

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PoliceOne Technology Tips
Addressing video evidence at trial TASER Maintenance

Val Van Brocklin says the most important factor to the court is that the recording is a “fair and accurate” portrayal.

Judges familiar with such admissibility “buzz words” ... Read tip

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Senior TASER instructor Jerry Staton demonstrates built-in preventative elements that help your equipment stay clean and shows ways to ensure that your TASER is ready to perform when you need it ... Watch this tip on BLUtube.com

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Press Releases

General Dynamics Itronix Rugged Computers Endure Extreme Conditions Supporting Roll Back Malaria Zambezi Expedition
[General Dynamics Itronix]

Morovision Night Vision Announced as ITT Authorized Distributor for Law Enforcement Market
[Morovision Night Vision]

ICOP Digital Wins Utah State Contract for Digital In Car Video
[ICOP Digital]

Decatur Electronics Hosts How It’s Made Film Crew
[Decatur Electronics]

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