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Protecting the homeland and the hometown: First responders look to N-DEx

If our homeland is to be secured then our hometowns must be safe. The 18,000 law enforcement agencies across this country are data rich. Tying it all together to increase our crime-fighting capabilities is a priority. N-DEx has the potential to accomplish this essential mission ... Full Story

Sponsored by IP Fabrics

IP Fabrics' DeepSweep network surveillance systems are the first self-contained, portable systems for lawfully intercepting broadband internet and VoIP communications. Because of the DeepSweep's small form factor and the fact it doesn't rely on any other service provider equipment to perform the intercepts, it is ideal for rapid, tactical deployment. The DeepSweep has surveillance features that support pen-register/tape-and-trace, as well as full content data and VoIP intercepts, to isolate and intercept only traffic belonging to specified subjects, and has the capability to stream or locally buffer the intercepted data.  

Interoperable communications: Is mesh the answer?

Jackson County, Oregon is home to eleven law enforcement agencies, which are dispatched by two 911 centers. Until recently, its communications systems, like many in the U.S., had been experiencing its share of mobile data and critical incident communications gaps.

In July of 2003, Medford received funding to install a mesh wireless communications system to promote interoperability and to overcome the current systems limitations. The performance gains and security features make the technology extremely appealing ... Full Story

Technology in the News

Motion-sensors leave vandals soaking wet in Calif.

WEST COVINA, Calif. — A new high-tech, motion-sensor pilot program to combat graffiti could catch vandals on film — and leave them soaking wet. Anyone wandering around a park at one of the sprinklers' pilot locations after the park is closed for the night will get caught in a spray of water.

The sprinkler project is all about annoying criminals away ... Full Story

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Tech updates aid firearms simulators in South Fla.

NYPD to unleash "online predator" drone

New Zealand police use face-scanning software

Secret Fla. site houses high-tech law unit

Mapping program will assist in Calif. record keeping

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ATN is proud to introduce the latest in Day/Night Systems.
ATN PS22-3 Night Vision front sight packaged with Leupold Tactical scopes. Change from day to night with no shift of impact, no need to re-zero or change in eye relief. This breakthrough package provides a day and nighttime shooting solution. 

PoliceOne Technology Tips

Observation venues for SWAT robotics
Automating police reports

Robots serving SWAT operations are just now beginning to be explored.

The following features are important for providing additional capabilities to SWAT teams engaging in high-risk tactical situations ... Read tip

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Smaller agencies often have a hard time keeping up with costs and management of police reports.

But this new electronic field reporting software can get you reorganized in no time ... Read tip

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[Enforsys Systems, Inc.]

AgileMesh, Inc. Launches The Quick Deploy Drop Car Kit

[AgileMesh, Inc.]

C-AT Launches Incident Commanders' Radio Interface™
[Communications-Applied Technology]

ICOP Digital and Strix Systems Partner for Wireless Video
[ICOP Digital, Inc.]

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