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Video: Teen films cop, goes viral on YouTube

The teen said he was filming a story about “unwarranted raids,” at which point the officer detained him

Valley News Live

WAHPETON, ND — The Wahpeton, North Dakota police department is looking inward for answers about what really happened in the arrest of a Breckenridge, MN teenager on Friday.

The Youtube video the teen posted online appears to show officer Dustin Hill arresting the boy after he videotaped Hill on a public street. The video has gone viral with several hundred thousand hits. Police say it's sparked a lot of angry phone calls and messages from the public.

17-year old Robert Wanek posted Youtube video of what he says is his illegal arrest, for what the officer called interfering with a police investigation. Wanek says he was detained for about an hour, and his parents were never called, nor was he read his rights before being interviewed. He was eventually let go, but he says Hill's supervisor told him what he did wrong was making the officer angry.

Read more on Valley News Live and watch Wanek's video below. Warning: You probably won't like it.

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