How police can determine the endgame of 'constitutional auditors'

PDs need to prepare for outside agitators, harassment, death threats and coordinated efforts at call flooding and records requests flooding intended to overwhelm agencies’ resources

A phone call I recently received led me to a possibly new (or broader) threat against law enforcement from self-proclaimed “constitutional auditors” than I’ve seen widely discussed. Maybe it’s time we consider and prepare for it. 

The lawsuit that rang my phone

Last month I got a voicemail from a lawyer who wanted to know if I’d consider testifying as a plaintiff’s expert in a lawsuit against the Leon Valley Police Department (TX). He said he was calling me because, “It was almost an exact scenario you blogged about having to do with cellphones of witnesses being seized by police.”

I don’t blog, but I did write about this on PoliceOne. I’m guessing the lawyer had an assistant search online for experts on police and the First Amendment. If he’d actually read my article and bio, he might have surmised I work to help officers and departments avoid getting sued. I declined his invitation.

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