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Okla. cop fired for urination ticket speaks out

The officer issued a $2500 after he was given permission to do so, then was fired for it a week later

By PoliceOne Staff

PIEDMONT, Okla. — An officer, who was fired in November for issuing a citation to a woman whose 3-year-old son urinated in her front yard, is fighting for his job back and telling his side of the story.

Ken Qualls claims  he was given permission from two supervisors and an assistant district attorney before issuing the $2500 ticket, according to News on 6.

Qualls was fired 8 days after the incident, and the ticket he had issued to the woman was dropped.

"It is troubling [that] city management would condone an employee's actions only to later fire him for the same actions it condoned,” said Quall’s attorney Jared Leaman, who said the city made the decision only after they received negative publicity.

Qualls is considering filing a wrongful termination lawsuit, according to the report. 

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