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Ex-NYPD cop sues over malfunctioning Mace

Brenderline Blake says the injury she received to her wrist ended her career and is seeking damages

By Oren Yaniv
New York Daily News

NEW YORK — A Mace canister that malfunctioned ended a Brooklyn cop's career, she claimed in a lawsuit.

Former NYPD Officer Brenderline Blake, 40, alleged she was trying to arrest a suspect in the Macy Ave. subway station in Williamsburg three years ago, but her pepper-spray failed, allowing the law-breaker to fracture her wrist.

Blake, who left the NYPD with three-quarters disability pay, is asking for unspecified damages from the city for the June 26, 2010 incident. After a woman suspect injured the cop, her partner used his mace — which functioned — and the assailant was collared.

Full Story: Ex-Brooklyn cop sues city because her Mace didn’t work, leading to suspect breaking her wrist  

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