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Video: Cop pepper-sprays baby squirrel at middle school

The officer believed the squirrel was causing harm to the students

By PoliceOne Staff

MESQUITE, Texas — In a video posted to YouTube under the title “baby squirrel abuse,” a police officer can be seen aiming his spray at the small animal.

As he faces the squirrel, kids can be heard shouting at the officer from behind. When the officer finally sprays the animal, the kids begin screaming and telling him to stop.

The officer believed the squirrel was causing harm to the students, a spokesperson for the Mesquite Police Department told Pegasus News. “I think he was doing what he thought was necessary to protect the students. The squirrel was acting in an unusual manner.”

A school district spokesperson agreed, pointing out that the squirrel was not running away. Since the squirrel was not afraid of humans, the officer believed there could have been something wrong.

After the squirrel was hit with the spray, animal control cleaned it up and released it, according to Pegasus News.


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