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Gamber-Johnson - Company News

In business since 1954, Gamber-Johnson has proven to be a pioneer in design innovation over the years. As a result, Gamber-Johnson mounts have been the preferred choice of fleet managers for decades and have been installed in thousands of fleets worldwide. These fleets, found in diverse markets such as law enforcement, public safety, telecommunications, utility and the military, include notable customers like Honolulu Police Department, BellSouth, SBC, GE Appliance, Sears HomeCentral and the United States Army. Gamber-Johnson customers rely on the rugged vehicle mounting systems and docking stations on a daily basis and associate the Gamber-Johnson name with quality, safety and reliability.


3001 Borham Ave.
Stevens, WI 54481
Phone: 866-211-3919
Fax: 1-715-344-5209

Gamber-Johnson Product Support

In business nearly 60 years, Gamber-Johnson is made up of a proactive professional team that provides unparalleled product support. We are dedicated to full customer satisfaction, and we hold our company to the highest standards so we can earn the trust of our valued customers. Get more info at gamberjohnson.com.

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