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GovX is a privileged e-commerce Web site where qualified members of the U.S. Armed Forces and those in related government agencies can shop for premium off-duty apparel, equipment and other products as well as on–duty tactical products. Prospective Members simply submit their registration to qualify as a Member and once approved, you can begin shopping, saving and interacting on the GovX.com site. We wrap our superb customer service around a largely direct-from-manufacture purchasing system using a sophisticated, inter-connected, e-commerce platform connecting us with our shippers, manufacturers and our entire customer support team and manufacturer support team, all to deliver you prompt and select products with exclusive pricing. We are the Internet’s leading destination for verified members of the Armed Forces (and related government agencies) to shop for premium tactical and off-duty products.


7817 Ivanhoe Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone: 1.888.468.5511
Fax: 1.888.468.4559

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