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MotionDSP - Videos

MotionDSP has delivered cutting-edge video solutions to law enforcement customers since 2008. Ikena Spotlight, our video redaction solution, was developed in 2010 after hearing the London Met Police describe their challenge of manually blurring out civilian’s faces from CCTV videos.

Now in 2017, law enforcement customers are faced with redacting video from a far wider range of video devices: bodyworn cameras, dash cams, security cameras and even cellphones. And they have to do it faster -- ensuring timely public access while adhering to strict privacy laws. They need a tool that works with any video source and redacts faces and personally identifiable information quickly, accurately, and with minimal training.

Ikena Spotlight’s 3rd generation tracking technology automates redaction, saving countless hours compared to other less-robust or manual redaction solutions. It also features audio redaction to mute, bleep or disguise the voices of undercover officers, witnesses, victims and minors.

Many law enforcement customers also need tools for enhancing video evidence. Our Ikena Forensic software makes importing, reconstructing, enhancing and exporting forensically-valid evidence faster and easier than other solutions.

MotionDSP is a small business headquartered in Silicon Valley making advanced image processing and computer vision software. Visit us online for more information.


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