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Original BUG Pocket

Countless Law Enforcement Officers are not carrying an on-duty backup gun because they cannot find a safe, comfortable, accessible place to carry it. If this describes your dilemma, please read on and learn how the Original BUG Pocket not only addresses all of those concerns, but others as well.

The Original BUG Pocket was granted a United States Patent for its unique design. It was designed by an active street cop from Los Angeles to meet the needs of any law enforcement officer wearing body armor. Once you attach the Original BUG Pocket to your vest carrier, your carrier and the BUG Pocket become one unit. Unlike other backup gun pistol pouches/holsters, if you always wear your vest, you'll always have your backup gun holster with you. No forgetting, no daily attaching/ adjusting, and no concerns about accessing your weapon.

Furthermore, unlike other backup gun pistol pouches/holsters, every Original BUG Pocket sold includes, at no additional cost, a ballistic fragmentation plate tested and designed specifically for the BUG Pocket. (Therefore, it will not interfere with the holstering or drawing of your weapon.) Not only is the inclusion of the ballistic fragmentation plate a significant savings, it reaffirms our commitment to providing a product that is safe, practical, and affordable. Please refer to our extended guarantees on the next page (Meet The BUG Pocket).


Original BUG Pocket
PO Box 4444
Whittier, CA 90607
Phone: 562-756-4239

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