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ShadowOps, LLC

ShadowOps is a privately held entity owned and operated in part by active law enforcement. Due to our real world experience and specific focus on law enforcement and government GPS tracking applications we offer the world’s most advanced, compact, easy to use, and reliable tracking and navigation systems available today.

ShadowOps offers the “Total Package” GPS tracking solution.

All ShadowOps products come standard with:
• Unlimited Wireless Service (No Overage Hidden Fees)
• Unlimited Access to the iMAP Online Tracking Interface (No Software)
• Unlimited Interface Training (24/7 Telephone, IM, e-mail)
• Unlimited 24/7 Technical Support (Live English Speaking Operator)
• Unlimited Possibilities

ShadowOps – Technology beyond the shadow of a doubt..


ShadowOps, LLC
315 Lemay Ferry Road, Ste 120
St. Louis, MO 63125
Phone: 877-50-TAG IT ext 706

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