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P1 First Person: Time we started taking care of our own

By Keith Bettinger
PoliceOne Contributor

I have an email out to Pat Lynch, New York City Police Benevolent Association president asking if the police and fire unions are collecting donations for the many members of each service that lost their homes due to Superstorm Sandy.

One hundred and eleven homes burned to the ground in the community of Breezy Point. Many of New York’s Finest and Bravest live in that community. Even though their community now looks like downtown Berlin during World War II, they still go to work helping other city residents. If the unions are collecting a check will go out to each of them from my wife, Lynn and me. In fact, that is what we decided to do for Christmas this year — give less to one another and instead help those so badly affected by Sandy’s devastation.

While sitting and thinking to whom I should send money to help our former neighbors in need, I wondered why there is no quid pro quo from all the nations to whom we give foreign aid. Why do we send billions of dollars each year to Egypt? Do you know they have our Abrams tanks — the best tank we have — and that they were parked in the streets of Cairo during their recent riots?

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