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Iowa police pay out of pocket for AR-15s

In the wake of the country's recent mass shootings, the department will carry the rifles in their vehicles

By PoliceOne Staff

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — The Marion Police Department is trying to purchase 25 semi-automatic AR-15s for its officers, to better equip them in the wake of the country’s recent mass shootings.

Currently, only Marion’s SWAT team carries the patrol rifles, according to KWWL.

"In the old days the officer would go there and try to secure the area and then we'd call in our SWAT or tactical team.  Well, as we found out, that's not the best solution," Marion Police Chief Harry Daugherty said.

The officers would be allowed to carry these weapons in their police vehicles once properly trained, and would be only used to neutralize a potential threat, according to Daugherty.

Local residents have given a mixed reaction, according to the article.

"The protection that we have now is significant, bringing in more guns is just asking for more trouble," Jennifer Rockwell said.

"If the police department and the police officers think it’s necessary I would defer to their judgment," Kim Teneick said. 

The weapons will be paid for by the officers themselves once the city council approves the purchase later this week. 

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