Podcast Quick Clip: How cops can maintain professionalism on social media

Jim and Doug also discuss how cops are utilizing these web-based instant communications tools in positive ways

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Social media sites have claimed the job of more than one police officer — even a chief of police can get bagged for their “free speech” on the Internet. Jim and Doug discuss where things can go wrong, as well as positive ways in which police are utilizing these web-based instant communications tools. For additional information on protecting yourself on social media, check out the basic and advanced safety settings suggested by PoliceOne Contributor Lauri Stevens.

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In the Policing Matters Podcast, PoliceOne Editor at Large Doug Wyllie and San Francisco Deputy Chief Jim Dudley (ret.) discuss current news, offer advice, thoughts, tips and laughs for officers. Have a topic you want discussed on the show? Send your comments and suggestions to policingmatters@policeone.com, and tune in every other Friday for a new episode. Policing Matters is available for download on SoundCloud and via RSS feed.

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