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Video: Is NYPD's 'dirty dancing' fun or unprofessional?

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the borough commander is investigating

By PoliceOne Staff

NEW YORK — News outlets have been giving some attention to a video that surfaced Tuesday showing NYPD officers dancing with women at the West Indian Day parade.

In the video, a woman in costume approaches a uniformed officer, and the pair begin dancing provocatively. Additional officers are seen gyrating against other barely-clothed females. All appear to participate willingly.

Some are taking the clip seriously and questioning whether the officers should be disciplined for their behavior, but others see it as harmless - including witnesses.

“They were watching us and doing their jobs, in a fun way,” a paradegoer told NBC New York.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the borough commander is investigating. It is unclear whether any official action will be taken against the officers.

"I would prefer that it not have happened, but I don't want to make too much of it," Kelly said.

What do you think: Harmless interaction with the crowd or unprofessional behavior? Reply in the Comments section below.

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