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P1 First Person: CSI as public relations

By Joe LeFevre
PoliceOne Member

For the past three months every other Wednesday morning I have been conducting an in-service training called “CSI refresher for patrol officers.” During the class I do an informal survey of the officers in attendance asking if and when they, as patrol officers, go about collecting evidence.

Answers always vary based on individual officer, department policy and shift staffing/call volumes. One answer, though, seems to be a reoccurring theme with a minority of officers. A theme that when mentioned will perk the attention of any supervisors who may be in attendance. One that the more I think about it should be on the minds of more officers. Officers using CSI skills build good will and professional faith between the community and the police.

Last summer, the subdivision my parents live in had what the neighbors called a “crime spree.” Many who read this will likely call it something else. Someone was breaking into garages and stealing beer.

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