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Video: News crew defends officer at traffic stop

A man planned to file a complaint about the officer's rudeness, but the witnesses sided with the officer

By PoliceOne Staff

BECKLEY, W. Va — A West Virginia reporter and her cameraman refused to act as witnesses for a man who planned to file a complaint about an officer he claimed was being rude at a traffic stop.

59 News Reporter Jessie Gavin was riding with Corporal C.D. McCormick as a cameraman filmed when the officer flashed his lights to pull a man over for using his cellphone — a law that went into effect July 1.

The driver exited his vehicle — seemingly unaware that he’d been pulled over — and refused the officer’s orders to get back into his truck.

Officer McCormick raised his voice and repeated  the order for the driver to get in his truck. The driver was issued a citation and given the officer’s name, badge number and supervisor to file a complaint.

“If you would like to speak with him [the supervisor] he’s at the police department,” McCormick told the man as he jotted down the information, preparing to complain about the officer’s conduct.

Gavin approached the man’s truck with her cameraman to discuss the new law, but the man was interested in having them act as witnesses in his complaint against the officer.

 “I didn’t see him being rude; did you not hear him?” Gavin asked.

The cameraman also came to the officer’s defense, saying, “He asked you not to get out of the vehicle. For his own safety, he doesn’t know if you’re carrying a gun or not.”  Both members of the news team refused to give their names or their news affiliation.

The news station removed the video from their website following throngs of negative comments. 

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