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NYPD: Upgrade iPhones to prevent theft

Police handed out flyers urging New Yorkers to use iOS7 for security features

By PoliceOne Staff

NEW YORK — New York police have been reportedly hitting the streets telling people that updating their iPhones to the new iOS7 update will make the phones safer against theft.

The flyer that police handed out states that the new software update gives the smartphone added security because a stolen phone cannot be reprogrammed without an Apple ID and password. The flyer also encourages iPhone users to register their devices with the NYPD’s Operation Identification Program.

Michael Hoffman, who encountered officers touting the flyers, snapped a picture and tweeted it, saying, “'Four uniformed NYPD officers were at my subway stop tonight asking me to upgrade to iOS 7. Not a joke!”

According to the Daily Mail, the new software update also promotes security through fingerprint recognition, and a thief cannot stop the original owner from locating it after it’s been stolen. 

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