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Police wary of trending "Knockout Game"

East Coast teens are knocking out unsuspecting victims for internet fame and fun

By PoliceOne Staff

WASHINGTON — Police all over the East Coast are keeping a lookout for teens who are intentionally punching strangers in an attempt to knock them out, for fun, and then posting videos of the assaults to YouTube.

A woman in Columbia Heights was one of the latest victims, telling WJLA she was biking past a group of teens when it happened.

“My whole head went flying to the side,” said the victim, Phoebe Connolly. “It was a hard punch.
One kid came from the side and pretty much cut me off. He just like threw a hook with his left hand, and just got me right in the face.”

After posting her story to Facebook, a friend told her about the so-called “knockout game.”

Connolly suffered minor soreness and a bloody nose, but other victims haven’t been so fortunate. Videos from New York and New Jersey show victims who are hit so hard they lose consciousness and collapse.

According to CBS, three Jersey City teens were arrested for beating a hoboken man to death playing the violent game. 

Police are saying it’s hard to track the occurrences because they’re classified as assaults, and that the public needs to stay aware of their surroundings to avoid such incidents.

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