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Yesterday, we posted news about an innovative new iPhone app being used by Brockton, Mass. cops to identify suspects using photos. The app, which uses biometrics to match suspect photos with entries in a database, has significant implications for suspect identification in the future.

It's just the latest of a growing number of mobile apps that have practical and beneficial uses for cops on the job. For more, read our recent round up of other useful mobile apps for cops, and shoot us a note with any others you know of that officers should know about.

- Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor
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A cop's training and tactics are being reviewed after his attempted jaywalking citation led to one teenage girl being punched. He said he thought the woman was trying to help her friend escape. Video has gone viral
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Juárez police to assist in border areas: Will watch problematic areas to avoid incidents like last week's fatal shooting.
Mourning a young officer: A 24-year-old Md. cop was gunned down in cold blood after working his part-time security job.
Threats target Border Patrol agents
Fla. man gets life for trying to ram patrol car during pursuit
Biker-gang member killed by ATF agent in Maine
iPhone app will help identify suspects instantly
Cop's story changes in Burge case
NM Deputies raid cockfighting venue
PoliceOne Exclusive
A young cop's close call clarifies an instructor's startling statement
By Charles Remsberg, P1 Columnist
"When I dream, I dream of killing" said one veteran academy instructor to a young recruit. That recruit couldn't make true sense of the statement until a dramatic experience three years later ... 'I hear the knife hit the floor'
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Two motorists fight until cop ends it
In this classic from BLUtube's all time Most Watched list, a couple of motorists engage in a fight worthy of junior high before an officer puts an end to it.
No Lie Blades: Tactical combat skills
Watch this intense video and see how these specialists are bridging the gap from tactical combat moves to dynamic street-fighting success.
Tactical Tip
Presenting a weapon during roadside sobriety tests?
If you're holding something that could be used to stab or slash you during a sobriety test, the suspect could use it as an improvised weapon. You're inviting trouble if he wants to attack you... A pen in the wrong hands can do damage
Video News
Two 911 calls from trunks have different outcomes
Law enforcement officials in the area dealt with two 911 calls from women held in car trunks in a week. One woman was saved, the other was not.

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