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 P1 Humor Corner: Cops on career day
 Single officer patrol: Squad car doors
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New crack sentencing to be retroactive?
Attorney General Eric Holder told the U.S. Sentencing Commission that he supports applying the Fair Sentencing Act to old cases. Get out of jail free
Today's Top Stories:
Murder charge for teen accused in NJ cop's death: Rasul McNeill-Thomas charged with first-degree murder in the death of NJ LEO
Man who killed 3 cops dies before trial: The 62-year-old suspect was charged with killing three West Texas police officers in 2007
ACLU to Md. cops: Let photographers shoot
Minn. police layoff notices being considered
More states embrace warrantless cell phone searches
Ex-Ill. officer spared jail time
Ohio bill proposes block on media access to dash cam video
Calif. chief borrowed from K-9 fund to buy a horse
P1 Humor Corner
Where's our 'must see' LEO-TV?
PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
At least nine out of ten of TV shows about cops are garbage. I watched the new "Hawaii Five-0" for 10 minutes... at least until the gals with the bikinis were replaced on screen by dudes in bad shirts ... What would your cop show be?
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Tactical Incident Management from Incident Response Technologies
The Rhodium Incident Management Suite (Rhodium Suite) is a sophisticated web-based incident management tool that can provide your agency with greatly increased situational awareness on any incident. The easy-to-use interface requires little to no IT support and can be used by even novice computer users with minimal training.
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P1 Humor Corner
Cops on 'career day'
By Mike Peterson, PoliceOne Contributor
As a parent, the day will come when your first born asks if you will come to their school for the all important ‘Career Day,’ where students with an attention span of less than three minutes learn about different careers ... Creepy old guys
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Sponsored by: Safariland
Hundreds ride to benefit fallen cop
A group of riders from public safety and the public they serve got together to ride for the family of slain Officer Eric Zapata.
Wash. cops and 'Excited Delirium'
Police officers and medical professionals are increasingly having to deal with Excited Delirium. Washington's Most Wanted's Parella Lewis investigates the issue.
P1 Product Coverage
Armored glove with ECD, video, laser: Comic book or reality?
By PoliceOne Staff
LA Sheriff's Dept. will test the BodyGuard, which instantly deploys electrodes upon contact with assailant. Brainchild of a music video producer
Concerned Citizen Raises Funds for 53 AEDs
“Despite the nation’s economic turmoil, we were a brand new city, we had a brand new police department, and we were excited to start things off on the right foot. That meant arming our officers with AEDs.”
Bob Lundsten
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Tactical Tip
Single officer patrol: Squad car doors
PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
This is only effective in low-light traffic stops when it’s harder for people in the vehicle to see you. It’s also vital that the subjects in the car aren’t blasting a radio at 100+ decibels. If so, this is not going to work ... Close your squad door twice
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irTactical: The Future of Law Enforcement Training
Welcome to the future of force-on-force tactical training. The ultra-realistic irTactical system allows hardy training anywhere. Law enforcement training programs will benefit from lower training costs, more efficient activity, and better crisis preparedness. Don't forget, you can find irTactical at this year's Police Security Expo in booth 1122.
irTactical: train cheaper, faster, anywhere!

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