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When sexual assault victims do not feel believed or think their case is not being handled correctly, they may withdraw cooperation resulting in offenders not being held accountable and free to commit additional acts of violence.

In our latest Investigations eNewsletter, we review some of the key steps that investigators can take to improve sex crimes investigations, the importance of listening to the victims of sexual abuse, and what LE should keep in mind when documenting a sexual assault.

In addition, Lexipol co-founder Gordon Graham discusses the risks of eyewitness identifications and we review a case that led to the prosecution of a virtual kidnapping.

The PoliceOne Team
Why words matter when documenting a sexual assault
By Catherine Johnson
Follow these seven steps to increase the odds a case is prosecuted
How listening is key to combating sexual violence
By Jim Twardesky
The challenge in sexual assault cases often isn’t identifying the perpetrator, but whether or not the occurrence of a crime can be proved
10 steps to improving sex crimes investigations
By Catherine Johnson
Start from the premise that every person who reports a sexual assault deserves a thorough, unbiased investigation
Learn How to Clear Your Scenes Fast with Laser Scanning
Download this resource to see how to reduce your scene documentation and mapping time by 80% while increasing safety.
Read more
The risks of eyewitness identifications
Lexipol co-founder Gordon Graham discusses why a case based primarily on an eyewitness identification should be considered extremely risky
Virtual kidnapping: How Beverly Hills PD helped the FBI crack a first-of-its-kind case
By Behind the Badge Staff
An employee at the bank where a victim was withdrawing money realized that the man was responding to a ransom demand and called BHPD
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