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From accessing recordings on smart devices to advances in DNA collection, technology continues to both challenge and enhance police investigations.

In our latest Investigations eNewsletter, we explore how a UK police agency is using CCTV footage in combination with 3D laser scanning technology, discuss dilemmas around the new age of data policing and smart devices, and share how researchers and investigators are gaining “interpretable” DNA off shell casings.

We also review how technology is enabling data sharing between agencies and improving case clearances by documenting associations between people, assets, locations and businesses.

The PoliceOne Team
How a UK agency is combining 3D laser scanning with CCTV tech to solve cases
By Mike Skicko
Using 3D “point cloud” models with CCTV footage stills, investigators are ascertaining suspect height, speed analysis and bullet trajectory analysis
The role of home devices in police investigations
By David Moser
If a smart speaker captures the audio of a serious crime, can it be used as evidence by the police and prosecution at trial?
A new method of DNA testing could solve more shootings
By Ann Givens, The Trace
Criminologists thought it was impossible to get DNA off of shell casings, but a technique pioneered in the Netherlands is having notable results
How to Manage Cash Seizures Faster
Rather than manually copying and counting each bill, police can use the JetScan iFX money counter, specifically designed for law enforcement use.
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How police agencies can share criminal intelligence data
By Dale Stockton
A recent DOJ-commissioned report provides guidance for police investigators and crime analysts
Guilty by association: How data linking strengthens investigations
By Joshua Lee, M.L.S., CFE, CCCI, CTFI, CCIE
With a few clicks of the mouse, an internet connection and the right know-how, police investigators can find crucial connections
Compliant, Anonymous, Secure Online Investigations
Authentic8 builds cost-efficient open source intelligence products that allow analysts across 100+ government agencies to anonymously and securely search for evidence in the open, deep, or dark web.
Widen the scope of your investigations
Narcotics Detection & Identification With Rapid, Lab Quality Results
Smiths Detection has a wide range of portable and desktop narcotics detection and identification devices for use by officers in the field. Analysis is quick and easy and yield lab quality results. Evidence is court admissible.
Bring the crime lab to you
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