12 signs a supervisor is a bleeder; 7 lessons from a first-year sgt.
September 30, 2019 | View as webpage
Dear Police Leader,

This month’s P1 Leaders eNewsletter presents a tale of two supervisors. Lt. Dan Marcou list 12 of the most egregious statements made by an enthusiasm-bleeding “leader,” while Sgt. Christopher Littrell details the seven characteristics of a successful sergeant.

We also look at the causes behind bad morale in LE agencies and present eight ways leaders can improve esprit de corps.

The PoliceOne Team
12 statements that suggest a supervisor is a bleeder, not a leader
By Lt. Dan Marcou
Don't be the supervisor who bleeds the enthusiasm out of the officers you are supposed to lead
7 lessons from a first-year sergeant
By Sergeant Christopher Littrell
New sergeants must implement intentional work routines that will create opportunities to communicate with officers, peer supervisors and command staff
Drones and Law Enforcement (eBook)
Download this free guide to learn what agencies need to know before implementing a public safety drone program.
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5 reasons why morale is bad at your agency
By Barbara Cohen-Pavlo, PsyD, and Ronald Jay Cohen, PhD, ABPP
When police leaders identify the causes of poor morale, they can then implement solutions
Book excerpt: The Blue Morale Project
By Barbara Cohen-Pavlo, PsyD, and Ronald Jay Cohen, PhD, ABPP
Low blue morale can be instrumental in compelling recruits and officers to re-think or abandon a law enforcement career
8 ways police leaders can improve morale
By Olivia Johnson
Morale is a thermometer for the health of your department
How Do You Design a Gun Range for Your Future Needs?
Whether you are designing your first gun range or upgrading an existing firearms training facility, Meggitt will deliver critical information throughout the process.
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How One Community Reduced Crime Using Graffiti Analysis
Cleaning up graffiti, prosecuting vandals, working with the community and decoding violent threats helped Paramount, California keep crime under control.
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