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The PoliceOne Team
It takes a village
By Mike Walker
How to leverage nontraditional resources to assist law enforcement operations
How to engage in partnership policing
By Lt. Chris Pantelis, MS, CWVTS
Partnering with local businesses and community stakeholders should be a key part of a police department’s crime reduction strategy
6 ways to improve cooperation among public safety disciplines
By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D.
In many places, failure to cooperate with other public safety entities is not an option – there’s no embarrassment in asking for help when the situation requires it
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Transparency that matters: Releasing the right information at the right time following an OIS
By National Police Foundation
Controversial use of force by an officer can cause significant issues for the officer's safety, as well as their families, if the involved officer's name is released prematurely
Initial response to an officer-involved shooting: A checklist for supervisors
By Mark Kollar
Creating order out of chaos and taking command over an emotional and tense situation necessitates a level of confidence that can only come from adequate preparation
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