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It is said that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit or make a new one. Now three weeks into the New Year, you may find yourself starting to stray from the resolutions you faithfully made on January 1 to eat healthier, exercise more and reduce stress in your life.

The articles in today’s newsletter are designed to come to your rescue with some extra motivation. From incorporating tactical yoga into your physical fitness routine to embracing mindfulness in policing, our experts share their top tips to help you achieve the physical, mental and emotional fortitude required to excel as a law enforcement officer today.

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How to develop a tactical yoga routine
Follow this movement system to help avoid injuries and release stress for improved job performance.
How to have a healthy lifestyle in the new year
It’s not impossible to lose weight or live healthier, but it is a conscious decision that you have to make.
How to maintain adequate LEO physical fitness
So that you can beat all the odds that are against you, maintaining adequate LEO physical fitness should be your own personal condition of employment.
A Training System Where Technology and Practical Application Blend Together
UTM's innovative training model bridges the gap between firearms, tactics, and combatives. Visit UTM today for 15% off PPE, Firearms Conversions, and 20% off our Portable Training Facility.
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3 ways cops can take fitness to the next level
Try the three moves described here by a fellow LEO to build strength and avoid injury.
How to manage stress in police work
Too many officers turn to unhealthy options to hide from the stresses and emotions that come with our profession.
Is there a place for ‘mindfulness’ in policing?
Here's what “mindfulness” really is, and how it can benefit officers and organizations.
How Often Do You Encounter Health Hazards on the Job?
Exposure to fentanyl and other narcotics, as well as bodily fluids pose a serious threat to officer safety. Take our 5-minute survey about your experiences with health hazards on the job and enter to win a $100 gift card.
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VFC Helps Secure Convictions for Federal Public Defenders
Find out how VFC is helping US Law Enforcement to find and present simple and clear evidence. Use it to review, record or export and demonstrate digital criminality in a clear and simple format.
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