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SWAT officers need no reminder that good training is the bedrock to successful and safe operations. In this month’s SWAT eNewsletter, we break down how to vet a tactical trainer, provide tips for how to practice drug raids, and highlight tactical options for making a “tubular assault.”

We also take a look at event security. Mike Wood breaks down how a deployment matrix can help SWAT and police leadership best deploy expensive and limited resources, and Richard Fairburn explains why police need a red team mindset when handling security at a major event.
The PoliceOne Team
Event security by the numbers: How a deployment matrix can help SWAT
By Mike Wood, P1 Columnist
We might want SWAT at every public venue, but we just don’t have the money and resources to do it.
Event security planning: Why police need a red team mindset
By Richard Fairburn, P1 Columnist
Assigning a large number of cops to a high-profile event isn’t enough to counter realistic threats these days; we must pre-plan such events with a “red team” mindset.
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