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You can use the content in this newsletter for your next roll call training. Show and discuss Dave Smith’s video - Firing your weapon through objects and materials - and use Duane Wolfe’s long gun training tips to be just as proficient with your long gun as you are with your pistol.

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Mistaken assumptions and lessons learned during rescue task force training
First responders need to open lines of communication and share knowledge, experience and resources so we can coalesce all of our assets.
LE trainers: How to design an effective active shooter exercise
Follow these strategies for pre-planning and day-of execution to achieve a successful active shooter drill or violent threat mass casualty exercise.
Why all cops should take a tactical medical training course
After attending this federally funded training, officers have a much better chance of helping themselves or another officer in a gunshot trauma scenario.
How to select a LE learning management system
It's critical that departments keep their officers trained on the wide range of topics they face on a day-to-day basis.

Learn about key features and questions you should ask before deciding which LMS is right for your police department
Training Tip: How to practice and prepare with your long gun
Your handgun isn’t the only gun in your arsenal. Here are some questions to assess your readiness and encourage practice.
Reality Training Video: Firing your weapon through objects and materials
Footage of an officer firing his weapon through a windscreen highlights a topic you may not think about very often in training: shooting through objects and materials.
Event Date
Advanced Patrol Tactics / Rescue Task Force Nov. 12-14, 2018
Response to Active Shooter and Terrorism Readiness Dec. 4-6, 2018
Tactical Casualty Care Dec. 13, 2018
PIO & News Media Crisis with On-Camera Public Information Officer Training Jan. 28-29, 2019
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