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Fallen Calif. LEO had 'dream job'
"His mother told me this was his dream job and he loved going to work," CHP Inland Division Chief Bill Dance said. "It's what he always wanted to do"
Iowa LEO dies from crash injuries
Police release timeline, video leading up to Ohio mass shooting
Widows sue over troopers killed in Va. helicopter crash
US homeland security chief: Racism is fueling some terrorism
Fla. driver arrested after boasting of 'live' grenade
The New Standard in Pistol Reflex Sights
The Aimpoint Acro P-1 pistol sight has a sealed optical channel allowing for ultimate protection against environmental elements. This revolutionary design provides extremely fast target acquisition and an ultra-clear sight picture.
Don't settle for anything less
4 Things You Need in a Public Safety Broadband Certified Device
Just because a mobile device is certified for “priority and pre-emption” on a dedicated public safety network doesn’t mean it is suitable for public safety use.
Learn what to look for
Street Survival: How the non-approach vehicle stop can keep you out of harm’s way
By Lt. Dan Marcou
When you hit the lights and pull over what can only be described as a heavily fortified defensive position on wheels, don’t just approach blind
Why LE needs to prepare for the disinformation era
By Society of Police Futurists International
When you combine deep fake technology with social media, you have a powerful weapon for domestic abuse, stalking, harassment and blackmail
Tactical Research Ships Free!
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From badge to business owner
By Jennifer August
Here are four considerations if you’re thinking about business ownership after retirement
Off-duty jobs: To make ends meet or buy a boat?
By Andrew Hawkes
There's no fun in making a huge boat payment if you never have the time to actually enjoy the boat
From torches to flying robots: how law enforcement can leverage these new tools
Drones are giving officers the boost they need to expand their capabilities, tackle operational challenges and operate effectively in new situations.
Lateral Police Officer - $10,000 Lateral Hiring Incentive
$5882-$7507* monthly - Vancouver, Washington
Vortex Optics Offers a 40% Off MSRP Discount for LEOS
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