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Suspect in shooting of 6 Philly LEOs called lawyer during standoff
Police Commissioner Richard Ross expressed amazement that the standoff, which began Wednesday when LEOs attempted to serve a warrant, ended with no one dead
Officer kills himself, 9th NYPD suicide this year
Video shows Calif. deputy shoot suspect who climbed into cop car
Wis. fugitive survives 3 years in makeshift bunker
Ohio gunman's parents apologize for 'insensitive' obituary
Kan. police fatally shoot rifle-toting man
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Book excerpt: Taming the Serpent: How Neuroscience Can Revolutionize Modern Law Enforcement Training
By Michael G. Malpass
Neuroscience research can help guide police training for better decision-making and performance under life-threatening stress
A must-read: “Blue Lives in Jeopardy”
By Phyllis M. Daugherty
The book is the second in a trilogy examining actual line-of-duty events that have ended the lives of law enforcement officers in Los Angeles County
Failure to train, supervise and discipline LEOs: The Third Circuit speaks
By Mike Callahan
Case demonstrates what happens when police supervisors display indifference to their responsibility to train, supervise and discipline subordinate officers
10 ways police officers can get better sleep
By Olivia Johnson
How safe would you feel knowing your backup officer hasn’t had a restful night’s sleep in weeks and is struggling to stay awake?
How sharing data protects both officers and citizens
By linking demographic information and critical health data to 911 dispatch, first responders can deliver a more fair, effective and efficient response.
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