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NYPD fires officer for 2014 death of Eric Garner
Police commissioner James O'Neill announced Monday that he has fired Officer Daniel Pantaleo based on a recent recommendation of a department disciplinary judge
Calif. governor signs law changing standard for use of deadly force
Police: Man accused of threat to Jewish center arrested
Sister: NYPD cop who killed self had mental evaluation in June after making threats
Video: Bank robbery suspects open fire on LEOs pursuing them
Deputies find newborn covered in ants on floorboard of van
Less Than 5% of Agencies Have Suicide-Prevention Programs
Provide your officers with resources on Stress Management, Suicide Prevention and overall Mental Health with courses from PoliceOne Academy.
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Policy-Based Recording Body Cameras and In-Car Video Systems
Leveraging intelligent technology to ensure the officer is never asked to do something the technology can do for them.
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Suspicious person calls and third-party racial profiling
By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D.
Can officers avoid contacting the suspected person if they believe the caller was acting out of their own bias toward someone’s appearance?
Co-opting the police: What can be done about 'profiling by proxy'?
By National Police Foundation
It is imperative police executives recognize and mitigate the perils of 911-driven complaints that can entangle their officers in the biases of others
Advanced Speed Enforcement by DragonEye Technology
All DragonEye products are designed, assembled & serviced in the USA. Compare our quality and performance to any product on the market with a no-obligation demonstration.
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Do police officers have a legal obligation to use de-escalation tactics?
By Mike Ranalli
The proper opportunity – limited risk to innocent people or officers – is necessary for de-escalation to be successful
Are you ready for suicide by cop?
By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Contributor
A suicide-by-cop incident can happen to any officer, at any time, on any shift – are you ready for the event, as well as the aftermath?
Internal affairs investigations [webinar]
In this 30-minute webinar, Lexipol’s Bruce Praet will discuss how to conduct interrogations that are effective at rooting out bad behavior while remaining fair to the officer.
Zoombang Reactive Ballistic Pads Stiffen on Impact
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Alaska State Trooper Entry/Lateral ($10,000 Move Reimbursement)
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