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Thermo Scientific TruNarc Handheld Narcotics Analyzer

Field-based presumptive narcotics, precursor and cutting agent testing.

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Performance grade trim applied to t-shirts, polo’s, and stretch belts providing public safety professionals high visibility and flexibility to perform well on the job!
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Headset Options For Every Operation

Police operations demand reliable communication for coordinating actions, spreading information, and making rapid decisions; Silynx has you covered.
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Setina Push Bumper Styles Drive the Industry

Setina bumpers are designed to ensure the highest quality in Durability and Performance. That’s why they’re Law Enforcement’s #1 Choice.
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Black Hills Ammunition HoneyBadger Loads

When you need the best performance for defense of your life and family, this is the technology that you can rely upon.

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Time to Upgrade Your Thermal Scope?

Choose the Pulsar Trail XP50 LRF Thermal Sight for the highest sensor resolution in its class, 3 zeroing profiles/ 15 distances; plus, 18 more features.
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Aimpoint’s All New Pistol Sight is Here

The ultra-compact Acro P-1 red dot sight meets MIL/LE standards for shock, vibration, and environmental and temperature extremes.
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The Covert Pole Camera You’re Looking For- But Can’t Find

The VX400 Covert Deployable Pole Camera System- a complete HD video surveillance system hidden in a discreet covert housing.
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