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Today’s SWAT eNewsletter focuses on two critical components of a successful SWAT operation: the timing of the deployment and effective perimeter control.

Mike Wood discusses seven ways a tactical team leader can control the timing and tempo of operations, and Dan Marcou reviews how a tight and instantaneously formed perimeter is key to successful resolution of a SWAT callout.

We also profile the career achievements of Sergeant Jennifer Grasso, the first female officer to serve on the Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT unit, in a special feature sponsored by Lexipol.

The PoliceOne Team
Time and tempo considerations for tactical team leaders
By Mike Wood
Let the mission dictate the need for speed
Why the action is on the perimeter
By Lt. Dan Marcou
Whether the call out is for a barricaded gunman, a robbery in progress, a high-risk arrest, or a search warrant, a perimeter is essential
Introducing KENWOOD Viking VP6000
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How LAPD's first female SWAT officer broke the glass ceiling
By Cole Zercoe
Sgt. Jennifer Grasso has overcome many obstacles in her trailblazing career
Product review: Prevent sling snagging with the SlingStock
By Pete Goode
This is a must have for anyone carrying an AR rifle who wants to eliminate getting hooked up
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