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Police officers face many physical challenges that can cause serious ‒ sometimes career-ending ‒ injuries. Delivering physical fitness training that adequately prepares cops for the challenges they face in the field is as important to officer safety as firearms training or driver training.

In this edition of P1 Training eNews – a partnership between PoliceOne and PoliceTraining.net – we discuss how police trainers can enhance fitness components to enable officers to defend themselves, review the best exercises to minimize injuries, and present a physical fitness plan that preps officers for SWAT operations.

In his Roll Call: Reality Training video, Dave Smith reviews a sudden attack that demonstrates why trainers and officers need to take mat time seriously.

The PoliceOne Team
The 11 components of proper police fitness
By Kelly Keith
How can we physically train police officers to enhance fighting ability and control tactics?
Best exercises to minimize injuries, improve performance
By Lt. Ricky S. Rhodes
Working out not only relieves stress, but also helps reduce chronic body pain and the possibility of being injured on duty
Are you fit for SWAT? Test yourself with these 8 physical fitness exercises
By Lt. Dan Marcou
Too many officers start out in top condition but allow their physical fitness to diminish
Can Simulation Replace Live-Fire Training?
Download the free eBook to learn why both approaches are needed for a well-rounded officer training program.
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3 ways cops can take their physical performance to the next level
By Amir Khillah
Try the three moves described here by a fellow LEO to build strength and avoid injury
Reality Training: An immediate response to a spontaneous threat
By Dave Smith
Are you taking your mat time seriously?
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