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Agencies must do everything possible to enhance the delivery of subject control training. It is unacceptable to wait until a training deficiency is brought to light due to a high-profile lawsuit or, worse, an officer injury or death. In this edition of P1 Training eNews – a partnership between PoliceOne and PoliceTraining.net – we outline how agencies can improve defensive tactics training while prioritizing officer safety.

Dan Marcou lists 13 steps instructors can follow to deliver training that is both safe and realistic enough to prepare officers for the harsh realities of the street; Tyson Kilbey outlines nine strategies to immediately improve a subject control program; and Jerrod Hardy discusses how to provide balanced use-of-force training that meets the needs of officers, their families and their communities.

Focus on the importance of staying in the fight in your next roll call training. Dave Smith’s video walks viewers through tactical lessons from a brutal attack on a police officer and our training tip lists eight steps officers can take to become physically ready for a fight for their life.

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13 steps for surviving survival training
Force-on-force training is valuable when realistic but can be fraught with danger if not done with a laser focus on safety
9 ways to improve subject control training
Agencies must do everything possible to enhance current subject control training programs; they owe it to their officers and their communities
What should the goals be for police UOF training?
Our use-of-force training needs to be considerate of each of these groups if we want to re-establish police and community relationships
Why police officers need to train to win
As you prepare seriously for your next fight, unlike an MMA fighter your contest will not be fought for money or fame; it will be a fight for your life
Reality Training: Staying in the fight
Footage of a brutal attack on a law enforcement officer serves as a key reminder about the importance of the will to win
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