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Getting into a squad car may be the most dangerous thing a cop does during a shift. With multiple distractions from MDTs and smartphones, police officers (especially those in one-man cars) face increased risks of being involved in a motor vehicle collision. In this edition of P1 Training eNews – a partnership between PoliceOne and – we take a look at key considerations around driver training and vehicle operation that help prioritize both officer and community safety.

Tim Dees reviews how agencies can maintain adequate levels of training for the one activity cops do more than any other while on duty – driving; David Blake lists four ways to help reduce human factor risks for police officers during emergency/pursuit driving; and with LODDs stemming from traffic-related incidents nearly equal to those from firearms-related incidents, Chuck Deakins asks: “Is it time to give more focus to pursuit training?”

In his Roll Call: Reality Training video, Dave Smith shares several dash cam videos that demonstrate the safety challenges officers face on the road, with a reminder for all cops to buckle up every time they are in a patrol vehicle.

The PoliceOne Team
Arrive alive: The importance of LE driver training
By Tim Dees
As training budgets continue to be cut, it's imperative agencies maintain adequate levels of training for the one activity cops do more than any other – driving
How human factors impact police safety during emergency driving
By David Blake
Making reasonable decisions is the most important aspect of emergency driving – risk versus gain thresholds should be mentally established before an incident occurs
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What’s driving complacency in police pursuit training?
By Chuck Deakins
LODDs stemming from traffic-related incidents nearly equal those from firearms-related incidents, is it time to give more focus to pursuit training?
Reality Training: How cops can stay safe on the road
By Dave Smith
One of the most dangerous activities for law enforcement officers is driving. There are a whole lot of risks out there on the road; here's how to stay safe.
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