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Police 'a target' for gun thieves

There has been a surge of gun thefts in which the homes and vehicles of officers has been the target

By PoliceOne Staff

SAN FRANCISCO — A recent surge of burglaries in the Bay Area has officers fearing that they are being targeted by gun thieves.

"There does seem to be a rise, and there definitely is concern," said Ron Cottingham, president of the Peace Officers Research Association of California, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.  "This is something that's occurred in the past sporadically, but the recent burglaries seem to be almost targeting cops' houses."

A semi-automatic rifle was taken from an unmarked police vehicle’s trunk in San Francisco just a day after a Richmond cop’s dogs were poisoned and home was robbed of five guns.

In Brentwood earlier this year, three cops and one retired officer had nearly 20 guns combined stolen from their homes, according to the article.

Bay Area police officials said the recent burglaries were a reminder to officers to follow the same safety tips they give the public, such as using alarm systems and bolting safes to the floor, the article said.

"We have a lot of officers here who have installed video surveillance cameras at their homes," Fremont police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques told the newspaper. "One officer set it up so that when someone rings his doorbell, it takes a photo and sends the photo to his phone."

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