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Reality Training: 'Vacationing' Calif. cop stops assault on TSA employee

Even as we say, "Mahalo, Corproral Rogers," let's answer some of the questions this incident forces us to consider

Corporal Justin Rogers of the Pinole (Calif.) Police Department was technically still on vacation in Hawaii when his training quickly kicked into gear.

Rogers had just taken off his shoes and was preparing to go through the airport security scanners on March 30 when he heard a commotion nearby and saw a homeless woman assaulting a female Transportation Security Administration employee.

As the assailant put the TSA screener in a headlock, the sock-footed off-duty LEO jumped the divider wall and immediately subdued the attacker. 

Rogers then identified himself as a police officer and was given hand cuffs to place on the woman so she could be taken into custody. 

Quite clearly, Corporal Rogers is a hard-charging, all-sheepdog-all-the-time type of law enforcement officer. Even “off duty” and “on vacation” he is ready to respond and take decisive action when the need arises. 

You don’t have to be walking around with an elevated heart rate and a near-paranoia state of readiness, but if your training is done well and frequently, you’ll almost certainly be as prepared as this great cop from Pinole, California. 

Even as we say, “Mahalo, Corproral Rogers,” let’s answer some of the questions this incident forces us to consider. 

•    How confident are you in your personal body weapons?
•    Are you “switched on” while on vacation or off duty?
•    Do you have a plan for alerting others to your LE status?
•    Are you ready to “let the uniforms take over” afterward?

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