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College completes review of Ga. cop being escorted out over firearm

The officer, who was a student at the school, claimed to have been escorted out due to carrying his patrol weapon

By PoliceOne Staff

ALBANY, Ga. — Darton State College responded to an incident of an officer being escorted from campus due to his firearm, Albany Herald reported.

College policy allows officers, including those off duty, to carry their service weapons on campus, Interim President Richard Carvajal told the news site.

“The story that has been told contains many incorrect assumptions,” Carvajal said. 

A faculty member saw the officer dressed in khaki pants, a polo shirt and black jacket. The employee did not know the individual and was concerned when they saw them carrying a weapon. 

“I truly appreciate her efforts to try to keep our campus safe,” Carvajal said. “She was following previous guidance given to our campus to immediately report seeing anyone with a dangerous weapon to Public Safety.”

The individual was the off-duty officer. The department-issued polo he was wearing with a police insignia was covered by his jacket.

“Therefore, the student was not immediately recognized as a police officer,” Carvajal said. “Upon arrival on the scene, Darton Public Safety recognized the student as a police officer of another agency. However, they mistakenly believed that police officers attending class while off-duty could not bring their weapons to class.”

The off-duty officer took his weapon to his vehicle. After the incident, an internal review found officers were allowed to carry their weapons on campus. The president reiterated the importance law enforcement has to the school.

“We are thankful for every first responder who protects us, no matter where they are, and whether on- or off-duty,” he said. “I regret this happened. We have apologized to the student for this misunderstanding.”

The officer was not identified.

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