PoliceOne reader survey results: Off-duty carry

P1 readers answer five questions about off-duty carry frequency, holster placement, and type of firearm

Article updated October 24, 2018

PoliceOne asked readers, in a series of December, 2008 homepage polls, five questions about off-duty carry. Here are the results of those poll questions.

We were very pleased to see that two-thirds of the LEOs who responded to our first question indicated that they always (43 percent) or usually (26 percent) carry off duty. Fewer than five percent of our members choose to never carry off duty.

In 2008 almost half of PoliceOne poll respondents said they always carry a firearm off duty. (Photo/Teknorat via WikiCommons)
In 2008 almost half of PoliceOne poll respondents said they always carry a firearm off duty. (Photo/Teknorat via WikiCommons)

Most P1 members choose to carry at the belt line while off duty. Interestingly, the second question in our poll helps to also verify the veracity of our initial results that about one in ten PoliceOne readers choose to rarely or never carry while off duty. 

The overwhelming majority of PoliceOne readers responding to our third poll question say they carry a pistol, with only 10 percent of readers going with a wheel gun.

A full 40 percent of readers choose to carry a .40 cal, and in addition to the calibers we listed in part four of our survey, we heard from readers that they carry: .38 +p, .38 special, 340, and .357.

As we had expected, there were dozens of emails to the editor on this question, “Who makes your off-duty gun?” from members who carry something other than a gun made by the five firearms manufacturers we were able to list on the site.

Among the most popular models that our readers emailed about were:

  • Browning BDM 9mm
  • Colt Lightweight .45 ACP
  • Glock mod. 22
  • H&K P2000
  • Kahr Arms PM-9
  • Kel-Tec PF9
  • Kimber 1911
  • Kimber Pro Carry .45 ACP
  • Kimber Ultra Carry II
  • Kimber Ultra Elite
  • Les Baer, Thunder Ranch .45 ACP
  • Paraordnance Carry 12 LDA .45ACP
  • Ruger p97
  • Springfield Armory Champion .45ACP
  • Springfield XD .45 ACP
  • Springfield XD .40
  • Springfield XD 9mm
  • Taurus model PT140
  • Walther PPK/S

No matter what you carry, where you carry, we at PoliceOne want you to be safe, always.

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