Retired officer helps cops and firefighters in business

MIAMI — With the motto “Do business with someone you can trust,” Cops and Firefighters in Business (CFB) is connecting public safety officials with businesses owned and operated by law enforcement officers and firefighters.

CFB was started by Dean Adler, a retired Miami Beach police officer. Adler had been on the force for five years before a freak accident during a foot chase caused an injury that made him take some time off. After he had recovered from his injury, Adler decided to use his previous experience working in mortgages to start a business network that would connect those working in the public safety service to other officer and firefighter entrepreneurs.

“One of the fastest growing groups of entrepreneurs is made up of retired law enforcement officers and firefighters, or public safety professionals,” Adler says. “Not only do the business owners enjoy being able to work with other businesses owned by people they respect and can work with, but CFB Network also provides a resource for the general public to locate businesses in their towns or states owned by law enforcement officers or firefighters whom they already trust.”

Initially, the network began as a South Florida resource, but has since expanded to include companies owned by cops and firefighters nationwide.

“The response has been very, very good,” Adler says. “I think it’s the sense of brotherhood that helps create a level of trust across the community.”

"I have been in business for about one year and have supported Cops and Firefighters in Business during that time," says Michael Manzella from Generations Moving & Storage, a business featured on the CFB Network. "We’re happy to be a part of the network and have done work for nearly a dozen policemen and firemen referred to us in that year. As a result, we offer discounts to all cops and firefighters."

CFB Network's founder Dean Adler when he worked for the Miami Beach PD. (Photo courtesy of Dean Adler)
The business locator or “electronic shopping mall” in the network’s website hosts a wide variety of services ranging from florists, office products, and travel agents to doctors, computer services, and scuba diving instructors…all owned and operated by cops, firefighters, or their family members.

“Even people who aren’t active in the law enforcement and firefighting community are using it,” Adler says. He explains that there is an “additional accountability” behind business owners who are also involved in public safety. The network enables officer and firefighter entrepreneurs to advertise and register their business on the website for free, and Adler is currently working on additional membership options that businesses can pay for, such as advertising space in their newsletter.

In addition, CFB Network has established relationships with retirement planners specializing in the Drop Plan and retirement for police officers and firefighters. Adler says that he noticed that a lot of officers and firefighters are not fully educated on retirement plans and life insurance.

“It’s important that officers feel like they are finding the right financial advisor,” Adler explains. “Many cops want to know that the people dealing with their financial accounts used to be officers, too”

“There is a strong camaraderie in the law enforcement field,” Adler says. “CFB is trying to support that feeling of community.”

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