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A sergeant's tip for holiday giving

As a patrol sergeant, I supervise a group of really great cops who work their tails off for me all year long. So when the holiday gift-giving season rolls around, I like to come up with something nice for each of them as a thank you. In years past I've given out gift cards to their favorite coffee shop or fast food place, cool new knives they can use at work or when they hunt, and even, for the only other female on my shift, a beautifully scented holiday candle.

This year, however, I'm going to do things a little differently. When the economy gets bad, charities suffer. So I'm going to chose one of my favorite police charities and make a donation in each of my officer's names. There are so many to chose from, like the NLEOMF, Concerns of Police Survivors, your local "Shop With a Cop" program, the USO, or even organizations like St. Baldricks, where lots of local cops get their heads shaved to raise money to battle childhood cancer. I'm sure there are many more local and national charities that would love to have law enforcement's help this year. Just like my guys, you all give your time so generously and you are risking your lives everyday for your communities. This year, however, consider giving just a little more; instead of a gift card, a new knife, or a bottle of wine, consider the gift of a donation.

And please, don't tell Roger, Bill, The Champ, Roy, Skirp, Isaac, D.J. or either of The Rookies, because I want it be a surprise!

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