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In a recent article which mentioned LEOSA (H.R.218) concealed carry issues, I complained of not knowing a single, good source of LEOSA facts. Attorney Steve Manion of New Jersey emailed me after reading the article and made me aware of his LEOSA/CCW training operation he calls the “Sheepdog Academy” (a great name... I wish I had thought of it first!).

Periodically, Steve does live webinars on LEOSA issues, and I attended the November 19th session. Mr. Mannion has been personally involved in a couple of legal cases that have helped refine our understanding of LEOSA. More than 300 police agencies have attended one of the Sheepdog Academy’s webinars, so I believe he IS the national expert on the subject and recommend his webinar, especially if you are responsible for training legal issues related to police use of deadly force.

Visit the Sheepdog Academy website, where you can read a free quarterly newsletter, sign up for an upcoming webinar or even buy an electronic copy of the webinar handout materials for a very reasonable price.

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Dick Fairburn has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience in both Illinois and Wyoming, working patrol, investigations and administrative assignments. Dick has also served as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst and as the Section Chief of a major academy's Firearms Training Unit and Critical Incident training program. He has a B.S. in Law Enforcement Administration from Western Illinois University and was the Valedictorian of his recruit class at the Illinois State Police Academy. He has published more than 100 feature articles and two books: Police Rifles and Building a Better Gunfighter.

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