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Prepare your family for off-duty encounters

While at my home, my wife and I were loading our two children in her vehicle when a large white male on a motorcycle stopped in the roadway in front of my house. I asked if he needed assistance with something, at which point the man became belligerent and began yelling obscenities. 

I then informed him he must have us mistaken for someone else and asked him to please leave. 

The man continued, so I motioned my wife away and she went to the porch — our kids remained in their car seats in her car. 

I at this point moved closer still remaining on my property and, was now telling him he needed to move along. I never let him know that I was a police officer — not yet anyway — and the man took this as a challenge and began to get off his motorcycle, telling me “YEA! I’ll move right along up to you!”

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